Sincere Counseling

Our offices are conveniently located in the heart of downtown Troy, tucked into charming, cozy historical buildings on the square. This allows us to be inside the very center of the community we serve, while also providing confidential, safe, and unassuming spaces for clients to enjoy their counseling experience.

Office Seating


305 Public Square
2nd Floor, Suite 1
Troy, Ohio

The SE office is located on the second floor of The Caroline restaurant downtown Troy, Ohio (5 S. Market Street, Troy). It is the Southeast quadrant of the square. You are welcome to park in the corner parking lot between the restaurant and furniture store. There is a glass pane door with the number 305 on it, just east of the restaurant's outdoor patio seating; enter that door. You will then be in a foyer with an elevator; take the elevator to floor 2 and feel welcome to wait in the waiting area to your left. Your Counselor will be with you upon the scheduled time.

Home Interior


315 Public Square
2nd Floor, Suite 209
Troy, Ohio

The SW office is also located downtown Troy, in the Southwest quadrant of the square. You can find the entrance right next to The Bakehouse, just to the left of it. You are welcome to park in the corner parking lot in front of The Bakehouse. You will see a door with the number 315 on it, sandwiched between a number of signs (beige and red in color). Enter that door and immediately go up the stairs to the second floor. At the top of the stairs, turn right and feel welcome to take a seat in the waiting area. Your Counselor will be with you upon your scheduled time.



Video or Phone

Telehealth can be a great option for counseling, whether due to sickness, quarantine, scheduling conflicts, or traveling. You can receive continuity of care from your Counselor from the comforts of your home (or the road, if you're traveling), and not miss a beat in your counseling goals.

Park Trees


Take a Walk with Your Counselor

Walk & Talk therapy is exactly what is sounds like - you and your Counselor, leave the office and take a walk together on the path by the river. Walk & Talk Therapy is known to have wonderful mental health benefits. Learn more about them here